How To Release Your Inner Slut

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How To Release Your Inner Slut


Too often men fantasize about being complete Cumsluts or Tops who are constantly breeding random fuck-holes, but something holds them back from turning these fantasies into reality. There are a number of common reasons for this which I want to examine in this post. More importantly, I’m going to suggest ways to show you how to break through them and release your Inner Slut (Top Slut or Bottom…


eluneadore asked:

Hey, so I'm 23 and so turned on by the idea of stealthing and stuff. My problem is, I can't find a single poz top out there who actually enjoys it, or even ones that like neg ass. I've hit up tons of poz guys, but they all have a very bad reaction when I say I want to convert and basically yell at me. I love to fantasize about having a poz top bf/fwb who converts me and stealths unsuspecting neg guys with me. I feel pretty alone in this. How can I meet guys who like the idea of stealthing?

Thanks for the question. It’s an awesome one.

First off, I’d be very cautious about the idea of “stealth pozzing” anyone since you can be held criminally liable in some places. I think this is absurd (see my previous post) but it’s a fact.

As for your desire to convert, I’ve heard plenty of other Bug Chasers have the same complaint as you that many Poz guys freak out and become preachy. My advise is this …

1. Be sure it’s what you want. Think about it carefully, since there’s no going back. Make an informed decision. This means, listen to guys who were Bug Chasers and Pozzed, and listen to those POZ guys preaching that you shouldn’t get Pozzed. After that, once you’ve made a decision (whatever it is), tell anyone that disagrees with you to go fuck themselves (My basic philosophy on life!). You’re a big boy, it’s your body, it’s your choice. If you do choose to get Pozzed you can …

2. Keep cruising for Pozzers. There are plenty out there. Ignore the ones who aren’t into it and move on to the next. Really all you need to do is find one guy into Pozzing you. He’ll not only work on it, he’ll probably be happy to try and find others to whore your ass out to. Maybe even set up a Pozzing party for you. You can find Pozzers and other Bug Chasers on my main site: as well as on

3. Hit adult bookstores and take as many anonymous bareback loads as you can. Eventually, you’ll be Pozzed. Plus, you’ll have tons of fun learning how to be a real slut in the process!

4. Same as above, but with Bath Houses. Get in the sling, take all the loads you can.

Hope that helps!

byir-barqayin asked:

How long have you been into stealth pozzing?

That’s an interesting question. Thanks for asking.

First off, I don’t know if I can say I’m “into” it since I don’t know my Status. I Love being a whore and playing Russian roulette that way. Though, as with many things I discuss on my site, I can think an idea is conceptually hot, or simply recognize that many of my members think something’s hot, without being into it myself.

Second, I don’t know that I believe “Stealth Pozzing” has much meaning when you break it down; plus people confuse it with Stealth Barebacking (sabatoging a condom without the other guy knowing). They aren’t the same thing.

After all, a Neg guy could Stealth Bareback too.

This makes me wonder what the hell Stealth Pozzing is really supposed to mean. Is it lying about Status when you’re POZ? Or is it Stealth Barebacking when you’re POZ. Maybe it’s both?

It gets even more complicated still …

What if a guy hasn’t been tested in months. When he was tested, he was Neg. But since then he’s taken hundreds of toxic loads. He’s 99% sure he’s POZ, but since his last test came up Neg he tells guys he’s Neg. Is that lying? Is it Stealth Pozzing?

Or, simpler yet, what if the guy is Undetectable? Does that even count as POZ?

As you can see, there are a lot of problems just defining the term.

With all that said, as concepts/fantasies, I think both “Stealth Pozzing” and “Stealth Barebacking” are pretty damn hot, however you define them. And I don’t have any problem with others doing either or both.

The reason for this is simple:

No one can be stealth barebacked, or Pozzed, if they really, really, really don’t want to. It’s as easy as not being a slut, not hooking up with strangers. 

Problem is, some sluts want to have their Bareback whore-cake and eat it too. All the fun, none of the risks. That, and no one wants to take any responsibility for their own actions.

Sex is risky. That’s evolution. That’s half the fun. We can’t white-wash it, sanitize it and turn it into anything safe however much we may try.

And we shouldn’t try.

Otherwise next we’ll start hearing people complaining that they were stealth crabbed, or stealth clapped. Maybe women will argue that they were stealth impregnated.

There you have it. My very long answer to your very short question.


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