Further The Mission … Spread The Seed!

Further The Mission … Spread The Seed!

It’s been almost exactly a year since I started The ToC and the companion sites, and we’ve grown beyond my expectations. All by word of mouth, too.

It’s great to know that there are so many other men who share my vision of creating an extreme, unapologetic, member-focused, online Bareback sex community. I thank you all for your support and commitment to the ToC’s wickedly delicious goal of…

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Bareback Sex Rebels

You know, those conservative Christian fanatics are right about one thing: We Gay men are nasty sluts. Or at least SOME of us still are. There was a time—before my time—when many Gay men embraced this fact. Sexual freedom was the name of the game: radical groups like the Gay Liberation Front went so far as to brazenly insist that our sexually liberated lives were superior to the lilly-white,…

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Masturbation Sex Magic Video

Masturbation Sex Magic Video

I wanted to share an amazing video by member @JVWAUK practicing a simple magical masturbation ritual. What’s the ritual about and for? Well, to learn that you’ll need to join the College of Lust. Or, if you’re not inclined towards the occult arts, you can simply enjoy this as an exceptionally hot jack-off video, which it clearly is!

One of the many completely unique things about the Temple of Cum…

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Secrets Of Successful Cumdumps

Secrets Of Successful Cumdumps

It’s one thing to be a Bareback Bottom who loves being fucked and taking loads. It’s another thing to decide to take that extra step to become an absolute Cumdump whore…To become the kind of Bottom who doesn’t just like or love Cum, but lives for it. As with pursuing any goal, one of the best ways to succeed as a true cumslut is to learn from those who are already successful and then emulating…

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Is LUST Calling You?

Is LUST Calling You?

Are you a serious Cum Slut? Good!

Or maybe you’re a Bareback Top who is serious about USING Cum Sluts. Great!

To reward and encourage you in wanton, nasty, Bareback debauchery I’ve decided to offer a special Premium sign-up bonus.

Anyone who signs up for Premium Membership in the next 24 hours will be given an additional month Premium Access for FREE. That applies to all of our Premium options…

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