Anonymous asked:

I'm 20, a total bottom, and, I think, good looking enough. And I LOVE Bareback Sex. But I hardly ever can get hot guys my age to fuck me at all. Not even with condoms. What should I do?

Dear Anonymous,

The problem is that you don’t understand what it means to be a True and “Total Bottom.” A True Bottom doesn’t limit his fuck-hole to guys of a specific age or type. He understands that his duty and obligation is to serve all Cocks and accept all Loads offered to him, and be grateful for it.

A Bottom who isn’t a Bareabck slut isn’t a real Bottom.

So, if you want to be a serious Bottom Slut and not just dream about it, then there’s a few things you can do:

First, take The Bareback Pledge.

Second, find the nearest adult bookstore and start offering you mouth and ass to all the Cocks that come through. Before too long you’ll not only be completely addicted to anonymous loads, you’ll feel liberated and finally be the Cumdump Slut you’re MEANT to be.

Finally, if you’re too nervous you might consider trying to find a Master who can own you and slut you out to anyone he wants, whether you like it or not. There’s a Group for that on if you’re daring enough.

Best of Luck!

Anonymous asked:

Hi. I don't want yo give my gift to just anyone. Why don't chasers make videos with face and body begging to be pozzed, showing how much they can take. Showing how badly they want it? Why aren't there more vids of these guys getting fucking and begging for the load? I'd love to dimly myself fucking a guy telling him I want to fuck his guts full do my poz load. I have friends who play with steal thing. It is part of their fantasy play. Where are there vids like this online?


I want to see more Pozzing Videos.

More Stealth vids too, but they’re very hard to find online, sadly.